Understanding the power of story telling

Ask a marketer; they will tell you that you need a persona, a value proposition, and a good understanding of your market. That’s just marketing common sense.

But what do you need to sell your brand? It’s a story that tells “why you do what you do” than “what you do” which most of the time the least interesting thing you could communicate.

What should you say?

Well selling isn’t easy, but if you get personal, are transparent, and share why you’ve decided to pursue this specific road, shoppers will start to understand your brand better and learn what makes this uniquely yours.

What should be included?

3 key words come to mind: Why, How, and What. To tell your story, answer these questions. Why you do what you do, How you do what you do and what you do.

The bottom line is to consider the many ways that your brand goes beyond colors, logo design or a jingle, to provide the experience and feeling your consumer is seeking. 

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