People Matters

People are all that matter in business. They are the life-line of any business, whether you like it or not. Without people, there can be no future.

Many small business owners forget or have forgotten that other people are the reason they are where they are and can continue doing what they do.  Society has become blind to the fact that money is a commodity that has no value if people are not there to help use it. Many small businesses are stuck in this mode to convert clients into revenue instead of revenue into clients. Sounds weird right? We think very one sided because that’s what everyone else has done. I have learned that investing hard earned dollars in my employees, allows them to, in turn, build my business faster. Invest in their growth, not in their bonuses or salaries. Think of how far you have come because you believed in your idea and yourself, and now imagine how much further you would go if only 5 of your employees would believe as much as you do, but all have 5 different areas of expertise. Do you think you would get further as 1 or 5?

If you help others by growing their confidence and entrusting them with more responsibility than they think they are worth, they will tend to work harder and be more focused on the overall results rather than just doing their part and moving on. They ultimately end up accepting their social responsibilities to the project and become people centric like you. This becomes a killer combination for success and even more of a reason why people matter.

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